Our trip to England 2024 – Voices from class 7b

The first day we went to Brighton. The Brighton pier was definitely one of my highlights. The view was just so pretty and there were so many things to do.

On Wednesday we went hiking on the Seven Sisters, also one of my highlights. The hiking trip was not as difficult as I thought at first, even though it was windy up there. I found it relaxing to just walk along the sea and enjoy the beautiful view and talk to my friends. When I look at the pictures of the Seven Sisters, the white cliffs, the sheep and the sea it reminds me of a picture from a children’s picture book.

I think I speak for all of us when I say we enjoyed our day and had a great time there.

Anastasia, 7b

In the host family Amanda (our host mother) cooked as in a restaurant! Pizza, pasta, lasagna, fish and chips… so tasty! I hope that in the future I will cook like her.

Our England trip brought a lot of fun, so I enjoyed that I had the chance to go there because it was my dream!

Polina, IK/ 7b

I really enjoyed the field trip to England. One of my favourite experiences was the trip to Canterbury on the last day, because the city is very beautiful, it also has very beautiful parks and sights like the Canterbury Cathedral or the park next to the observation deck.

Naima, 7b